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Where do you draw the line between business and personal: Cardi B VS Nicki Minaj

  1. Hey  First off did y’all see the slay of BOTH Queens at the 2018 New York fashion week .This years Fashion week was  invading with more than just style! We all are aware of the beef between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj. Well when things go to far and people place comments or like comments about how a person’s parenting skills are,where do you draw the line between being Professional and a mother. Both women are successful and killing the game, if I do say so myself. Now before I  continue  I am a Fan of BOTH Queens! I love both of them and their music since their start. But I do have to ask as being  professional woman and becoming  entrepreneurs where do you draw the line between the disrespect towards your child. It’s one thing to dislike another woman and not  concern yourself with her business but recently a video leak out of Cardi B  confronting   Nicki Minaj over  allegedly placing comments and liking comments about her parenting skills and her  ability as a mother. Cardi B after did release a statement (above) stating why she did what she did.  Nicki Minaj has yet to respond it. Social media of course got a hold of it and made their own  decision on who “won”. No one look at why we have two Beautiful and talented artist going against each other instead of coming together. One thing for sure leave child out of adult beef. I am a mother and I don’t play about my child. But I am a believer in not speaking on what you would or would not do in certain situations you never faced . I’m not saying Cadri B is wrong. I will say I’m tired of seeing my beautiful woman fighting against each other instead of taking over! Both of these women are an  inspiration to millions of people. Both are business women and public figures. Above  Cardi Statement address  allegedly  Nicki Minaj  interfere with how she made her money  . Is there a proper way to handle situations? Cardi B is clearly about what she rapping about it was on signt fashion week and all. Also the picture with Cardi B knot on her head she was  elbow by security and threw her shoe. The two did not  physically it’s one another. Cadri walked out with a  smirk so I’m sure she don’t regret anything. As women we protect our children no matter what. I understand but check out great videos and pic before and after and you decide I’ll be watching to see what happens next. Love your Favorite Radio Personality DeAnna Kay
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