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White Lady Who Called Cops on Black Man for BBQ in Park – Gets Baked On Social Media

I’m sure you have all been seeing this picture floating around the web & social media for a few days now.  However, a lot of people don’t know where it originated from.  Let me give you a quick run down.

So this incident happened almost a week ago in Oakland, California.  There was a family (black family) who was grilling in the park.  The white lady in the picture called the cops on them because she stated they were not allowed to use charcoal grills in that particular park.  There was another white lady who approached the situation (who recorded the video below) and stepped in on behalf of the black family.  She stood up for them and told the lady who called the police that she just looked it up and they are allowed to grill in the park.  Her attitude seemed to change when she was approached by another white lady and called out on her racism.  Take a look at the video below.


When the police arrived, there were no citations issued.

I really admire the lady who approached her and stood up for the black family.  Right is right and wrong is wrong.  I really hate that I even have to identify the people in this article as “white” and “black” but that is the reality of the world we live in today.  If more people would stand up for what is right, I really think we could break through the color barrier.

But the internet has been tearing this lady apart!!!  People are post popular black events/movies/scenes & placing her in the picture calling the police.  HILARIOUS!!!

Do you guys think the internet is going too hard on this lady?  But honestly, what do you think can be done about this?!  Like these types of incidents?  Remember something like this recently happened at Star Bucks, Waffle House and I also seen a few videos of people calling the police on lawn workers who happened to working in a “white” neighborhood.  Do you think the government/police should charge people for making these false reports??  Let’s talk about it, please comment below.

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