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White Man Calls His Black Adopted Daughter “N” Word

A Georgia (white) woman is PISSED about her (white) husband calling their (black) adopted daughter the “N” word, and she took to her Reddit account to see how other people felt about it as well.

Her post has been viewed more than 3 million times on Reddit, and it’s still up now. She said she was secretly going through her husband’s phone and she saw some messages where he was texting a friend that really concerned her.

“The little nigger spilled juice everywhere”

The woman also said that other than him telling racist jokes to his friends (calling his own daughter a nigger), he really is the best dad to their daughter. Take a look at her post below and tell me how you guys honestly feel about this situation. Is it just a word or is it more behind it??

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8 thoughts on “White Man Calls His Black Adopted Daughter “N” Word

  1. He wrong that child is a nigger in his white heart and always going to be because she have a natural dark skin call sweet black tan child. What the hell you want a black child for? I am black and only nigger I know is the White,s because that’s y’all own words was made up for dark skin children.
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    That’s child abuse and domestic violence against that child I don’t care what color when it come to children. I am black and just love my beautiful dark skin I don’t need sun tan lotion to turn my dark skin unlike the white it would never happen yellow belly,s.
    So let us blacks folks enjoy our beautiful dark skin in Peace.
    please give her back to her nigger people your slavery days are over Honey. can’t you get white nigger children to please you vicious abuser husband and his ass hole kkk niggers.

    1. @Taffeta Armstrong, Lady you took this article to a whole different place. All you did is prove why your called a bigger. Your nasty mouth and name calling is so typical of your kind.You fucking porch monkeys will always be just what you are and nothing else. A nasty smelly NIGGER

      1. Wow this is really sad….too many children are being hurt for no reason. Their are some sick ass people in this world. Leave him I’d you care about your adopted daughter. Obviously, he is racist God allowed you to see this for a reason. What’s done in the dark comes to light. How can you ever trust him after knowing how he feels….please take that baby and run. This is no joke, for the friend to say have the child call him master. Don’t keep this child just to get a check, she deserves better. If you are more human than him do the right thing.

      2. Your no better than her and you got some nerve to call black people smelly,when the average white person smell like wet dog,not to mention sulfar. And before you start calling black people porch monkey’s, ask your self why is it that you have K-9, dna? Lol, which explains why you love dog’s more than people. And i won’t even go there with the beastiality issue’s, because that’s another story.

      3. Bitch yo moma a porch monkey u people say blacks smell and or nasty yall mfers dont take care of yall trailors then yall got to wash ur hair everyday because u have lice u are the animal

  2. The fact that you you’ve asked a bunch of strangers online for advice about this particular situation tells me that you are either; happily blind to the truth, or care nothing about black suffrage and racism we still continue to deal with. Ma’am, your child is in danger with a man like him parenting over her. I’m not saying leave him(which a smart white woman with a black child, especially a daughter, would), but an innocent child, that innocent child(5 years old), deserves better.

  3. I think this is deplorable and I’m a white woman who also adopted a mixed race child and later married his black father. But the ignorance some of you have shown suggesting he’s going to sexually assault this child. My Lord I believe this speaks more to your mindset! If you felt the need to take to social media I’m guessing you’re just looking for someone to tell you what your heart already knows! A father’s Love is not influenced by his friends or their possible racism. A true father would stand up for his child and never belittle them with such a derogitory term. You need to pray on it and get your house in order. One things for certain that child you took in to love and protect as your own needs you more than a grown ass man with little boy mentality!

  4. Wow, what this white girl really wanted to do is post her husband’s text msgs to see what kind of reply she would get from black mothers. Also to take the reflection off of her. Amazing how she never showed her phone to prove that she is not a name calling or racist joke teller like her husbands friends. This is only her side of the story, if she was so upset about the text why did she not speak with him when he got out of the shower. Then the reply to the text she got explains a lot. We were niggers, porch, monkeys, lairs. That’s who we are and will always be. For others that say they have adopted mixed race children…good for you. If the shoe don’t fit, don’t force it okay. Sometimes we feed into stupidity and that should have been a private or professional conversation with a counselor. Let us be more level headed than we are given credit for. One last comment: No one can be in your bedroom unless y’all allow them in. Food for thought! IJS

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