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White Man Pees on 5 Yr. Old Girl & Called Her A “N-Word”

If we had to give out an award for the donkey of the day… this ASS HOLE would definitely get it!!!

This story comes out of Grand Rapids, Michigan.  The police confirmed they arrested a local who was accused of peeing on a little girl (black girl) and called her a nigger (on 8-22-18).  The parents called 911 saying that an older guy had urinated on their 5 year old daughter.

Looks like the little girl and a couple of her friends were playing hide and go seek and the little girl was hiding behind a bush when the 60 year old man snuck up on her.  The man has been identified as David Allen Dean.

All the children ran back to the house to tell her mother (Katrena Rapier) about what happened.  The mother reported that her daughter was soaking wet and she was afraid to tell her mother what happened.  They said he peed on her then called her a “stupid nigger”.  Thankfully the children were able to provide a good description of the man and the police were able to arrest him immediately.

David Allen Dean was arrested and charged with felony sex offense, excluding assault and commercializing.

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