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White Man Tries To Use Reverse Racism To Stop Sales Of #BLM T-Shirt

Facebook user, Ed Stack, from Cuyahoga Falls, OH, shared a screenshot from a conversation he was having with a black woman, Niela Johnson, who was selling her #BlackLivesMatter shirts on Facebook Marketplace.

Ed was accusing Niela of being a racist and asking people not to buy her merchandise, but he only posted half of the screenshots.

Once the post started gaining some traction, people started coming to Niela’s defense. The remainder of the screenshots were posted by other users… which depicted a totally separate picture than Ed was trying to paint. Take a look at below.

Ed really tried it… but thanks to the post he shared, he helped her generate a ton of orders. It’s so sad some people are really against the #BlackLivesMatter movement, especially when it’s clear how unfairly black people (& other people of color) are treated compared to white people.

Take a look at her shirt design below… if you would like to order a shirt, you can contact Niela on Facebook. >>>>> CLICK HERE

Everybody please support Niela. #BLM

UPDATED: 6/13/20… Niela said Ed has apologized!

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2 thoughts on “White Man Tries To Use Reverse Racism To Stop Sales Of #BLM T-Shirt

  1. I have screen shots if anyone would like to see them. Way to turn things around, and try to make me look bad! And the local PD has been notified, and the next call is my lawyer! Good job!

  2. And you may want to reconsider this sketchy add. After all, this is slander, and I have all the real time screen shots. From start to finish, not backwards like you posted. Your friend said shes racist for fun. And that’s clearly a terrible thing to say. I was simply exposing a good example of racism toward white people, but I know no one wants to hear that! I won’t stop exposing these things neither. I got photos, and your posting is uncalled for lady.

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