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White Privilege Revoked – Man Is Shot After Assaulting Cop

Baltimore, MD – There are no details regarding this video yet. It was uploaded on an Instagram account @jkthegoodguy & the video is very graphic, so please view at your own discretion.

In this video, a white man is seen verbally & physically assaulting a Baltimore sheriff who had his gun drawn on the suspect the entire video. The officer tried to refrain from shooting the suspect, but the man kept coming at him aggressively and he had no choice but to fire an entire clip into the man. I counted 12 shots.

The person recording the video kept telling the sheriff to shoot the man and after he was shot, he said how he’s happy to see what just happened. Sadly, if the suspect was black… he probably would have been shot immediately. Take a look at the video and let’s talk about it.

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