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White Woman W/ Black Son Blasted For Racist Status On Facebook

Brittany Bowling Parks, a white woman from Dallas, GA is under fire after posting a racially motivated status on her Facebook page.

Once the post was made and shared, people started commenting on it, and began doing their own research on her Facebook page. Come to find out… little miss white power Brittany actually has a black son!

After Facebook users found out she had a black son, they started questioning if she really loved/cared about her son. Honestly, how can she really care about her black son when she feels this way about black people??

One person even posted her child’s father in the comments and said how she doesn’t let him see her son even though he is a good person.

Facebook users were so upset, some people emailed child protective services to alert them of child abuse happening towards her son, some people also paid to look up her personal information to find out her address & phone number (which I will not upload) and some people even looked up her criminal history.

This right here is the reason you can’t justify not being racist just because you have black kids or a black husband or a black wife or black friends! If it’s in you… it’s in you!!! There’s no getting around it! I truly hope that little boy finds his daddy or finds a home where they will love him unconditionally, regardless of the color of his skin! This is teaching him how to hate himself at such a young age… and that right there is a crime!

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8 thoughts on “White Woman W/ Black Son Blasted For Racist Status On Facebook

  1. People need to keep finding these racist people and out them to every one. Places of employment will not be happy. Churches they attend. Snywherethat will show their hate of the black community.

  2. Wow. Where did u get this information? Bc alit isn’t true lol you people want to try and turn someone’s life upside down bc you feel offended by my post ? If so your ignorant as they come . Bc nowhere in my post do I say all blacks are niggers I said ” if you don’t wanna be called a nigger don’t act like one” and I did say “my child is African American not nigger” so is that wrong ? Are you saying y’all are in fact niggers? Bc I didn’t. Y’all are so racist yourselfs that you totally misinterpreted what my post was about and meant. Y’all are ignorant and my post will remain up and will not be taken down. It’s freedom of speech and I’m entitled to my opinion.

    1. Ignorant? Do you not understand how ignorant your statements are? There is no way that you can believe that those statements are not racist.No matter the intent, those statements are most definitely racist. Your skin color has never made you a target of discrimination. Your skin color has never been reason for you to be judged unfairly. The thing is, it is possible for those things to be an issue for your son. I ask that you please do some serious inner reflection and read up on the effects of racism.

  3. Keep us updated on this! I want to know if little Miss White Power loses her kid because she damn sure deserves it! Oh and Brittany I just read your comment above and it’s too late to backpedal now! Lemme guess, your account got hacked right? Lmao GTFOH!

    1. From posts on her page, she is just getting clean and she don’t have custody of her children. She should have a child under the age of one that hasn’t been posted yet, or she hasn’t given birth.

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