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Bro I could write this on that status because I don’t want to offend anyone because I get it. None of us are perfect and I have sisters so I can get where the ladies are coming from but;
In order it’s easy





Baby Ma or dad (this shouldn’t even be if you wait for your husband and vice versa)
The matter of the fact is that ladies control when they get pregnant but guys control when the wedding bells ring…

-look at that again and read it.

“Jahyd Robinson nothing against anyone on because we all have an opinion but it’s amazing for me to see this knowing with the time we live (our generation) females want to be consider a Queen and want to be first when it come to being in a relationship but when you through in marriage they are willing to put their husband behind a child etc. that’s ludicrous. In if you want to come from biblical terms God is head and wife comes first or vice versa and doesn’t mean anything because you made a choice a decision to have sex out of wedlock. Marriage is for the two to become one and experience it all together as one. Having a child together creating a family etc. we are to leaveth our parents for when we find our mate. Sex was only attended to be serve after married so we wouldn’t have a broad view of how she does this or how he do this. & if we waited like it’s written you will be so in tune with your partner because that would be all that you know. Worldly things have open our eyes and influenced majority of all of us to have sex beforehand which that wasn’t what God wanted. It’s sad. But even reading this post a lot of females aren’t married and what they do know is yes your child would come first because you aren’t married but if someone gets on a knee invest their time and money to get you a ring and y’all both believe in God yes you are crazy to even think the child comes first because you wanted to lay up with Jon Jon when he didn’t even had intentions on marrying you from jump he just was enjoying the moment and wanted those cheeks. & everything I said I can back up with scriptures..”

Laddie Fair III


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