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Who did Wiz Khalifa Name as the Two Weakest Pot Smokers In The Rap Game?

Wiz Khalifa has a well-earned reputation for having very strong lungs. He mentioned 2 other rappers who cant hang with him. Who do you think they are?

During his interview with Big Boy, Wiz was asked if he could call out famous people he’s partied with who couldn’t hang.

“Big Sean,” Wiz said quickly and then paused. “French Montana. See I’m stoned so I can’t think of anyone.”

We are surprised Wiz didn’t mention Swae Lee, as he almost murdered the Rae Sreummurd bro during their Dazed & Blazed tour.

We are not surprised he mentioned French.  Not so much because he looks like a weed lightweight.  But because nobody in the rap game seems to have any issue with throwing dirt on French.

It is also rumored that Snoop Dogg was a heavyweight until old school country artist Willie Nelson outsmoked him .

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