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Who Got The Juice Showcase

December 21st marked the date of the “Who Got The Juice” Showcase in Akron, OH. The event was held at Just A Dream Studios, located at 1000 Kenmore Blvd. The showcase was hosted by Greenhouse’s Dreday and it was co-hosted by Big Heff (Def Jam & Nerve DJs) and Andrew Lloyd (Ohio Entertainment Awards) There were over 30 contestants who entered for a chance to win the prize package! Package included

  • Radio Interview on WOVU 95.9 FM
  • Featured on 20 sites
  • Feature on the Nerve DJ’s Conference Call
  • 2 upcoming tour dates
  • Ear Kandy Radio blog write-ups
  • Free photo shoot
  • Free 2 hour session
  • Free Cover Art by DJ Ill Will

Like I mentioned above, there were over 30 contestants who entered for a chance to win the prize package and get their name out there. They were allotted 5 minutes to perform whatever they wanted to perform. For local/up & coming artists, a lot of times these concerts really help them learn how to perform in front of crows and propels them further in their career. You never know who you are going to meet at one of Dreday’s showcases.

Def Jam’s YFL Kelvin

Big Heff (a giant promoter in the music industry) was there and he even brought out one of the newest artists recently signed to Def Jam Records, YFL Kelvin AND he also performed as well! As an artist, you have to get yourself out there & be able and willing to perform in front of 1 person or 10,000. Practice makes perfect, and if you are not practicing (performing) on a regular basis, how do you ever expect to get better & reach that ultimate star potential? That’s one of the reasons I have so much respect for Kurt & Dreday of Greenhouse records, because they really put on for these artists.

But back to the competition… there were TWO winners!

Lady J (@LadyJ_DaRapStar) of Akron, OH

Lady J of Akron, OH

Poppy (@wahdeywant) of Cleveland, OH

Poppy from Cleveland, OH
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