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Would he still be just if she was white?

When a white woman can say that the reason a child is assaulted by a South Carolina police officer on camera is the fault of the child! Yes she said on national tv no less that “disrespectful inner city children and the black lives matter movement” are at fault for this type of disgusting behavior towards a child! Below is the link to the video of the child who was allegedly so disrespectful that a police officer was necessary to remove her from the classroom, which is what he did with extreme and excessive force to say the least. This is a 12 year old child that he is grabbing by the neck and tossing across the room… if you ask me his job was not enough he should be in prison! And this uneducated over represented scumbag of a woman should be tossed across a room by a officer and tell the world how it was her fault but since that won’t happen just take a look at the video and you decide.

#Blacklivesdomatter #weshouldnthavetosayit #butthisiswhywedo #whatifthiswasurdaughter #siponthat #Tashastea #StillBlackhistory



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