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[UPDATE] Who is Phonda G? Post show interview from his Mom


Akron, OH— On Friday, July 7, Stephon “Phonda” Shealey was interviewed on the premiere show of #WaynesViews amongst a live studio audience and over 6,000 live viewers via Facebook.

Before the interview, I was honored to meet his mother, who shared with me that she wasn’t his friend on Facebook so wasn’t sure if she would be tuning in. We exchanged information as I knew I wanted her to be a critic.

During the interview, Phonda expressed with us that there probably wouldn’t be a Phonda had his father been there to help ‘shape’ him into a man. Phonda became noticeably uncomfortable several minutes into the interview and it was long before social media stated the obvious.

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Shortly after the show, I was able to speak with Stephanie Richards, Phonda’s mom, about how she felt about the show. She was open to answering a few questions about her son.

Here’s what she had to say:

Did you watch the show?

“Yes. It was really good. I really enjoyed it.”

What’s your son’s real name?

“Stephon Shealey. That’s what I call him because that’s who I gave birth to.”

Is He your only child?

“Yes. Yes and no. My other kids are 32 and 33 so he grew up like an only child because it was just me and him.”

Where’s His Dad?

“His Dad is older. He’s 82 years old and didn’t spend quality time with Stephon. He was a good dad. He gave him money, bought him school clothes and stuff like that…he just didn’t give [Phonda] that quality time. 

Why aren’t you friends with your son on Facebook?

“I don’t wanna see all that drama that he be going through. The people he hang with ain’t really his friends, they just started making fun of him and people started following him. And that’s what he likes. Attention.”

Is there a strain on the relationship you have with your son because of his choice of identity?

“Yes! I would take it a lot different if he was just gay. I have gay family. My niece is a lesbian and has a girlfriend, but she still dresses like a girl. I have a problem with him being a ‘drag queen’ as we used to call it back in the day.”

What has Phonda or Stephon done to make you proud?


Did he graduate high school? I’m sure that was a proud moment as a parent..

“No. he didn’t even do that. Stephon is slower learner. He had an IEP in school because he was a slow learner. He’s legally blind. The doctors diagnosed him when he was 19 months.”

How was he growing up?

He was into music. He always loved music. He wasn’t lying about that part.”

Do you feel like he was uncomfortable on the show because you were watching?

“I don’t know…probably. It could have been, yeah.”



Nov. 27-Akron,OH

U P D A T E 


Internet phenomenon, Phonda has been stirring a pot lately and brought the heat to the kitchen!

Recent post between Phonda and another woman (who will remain nameless until further notice)  quickly escalated to a fight which was rather uncomfortable to watch.

[check out the videos below]

It’s currentky the talk of the internet as some people were disturbed by the fact that this man met to fight a woman. On the other hand you have those upset that she would fight someone with a noticeable disability.

How do you feel about it? Share after watching the videos, viewer discretion is advised.

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