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Who Really Killed Dr. Martin Luther King Jr?!

Everyone knows this story right??? We all were taught that James Earl Ray assassinated Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. back in 1968. I meannn… James Earl Ray even confessed to to the murder almost immediately, so why would we even question the story??

Well, I was actually in my studio getting ready to record one of our newest shows on Ear Kandy Radio (N.O.T. S.C.A.R.E.D.) when one of the hosts mentioned that people don’t even know who really killed MLK Jr. Initially, I didn’t say anything because I assume I already knew this story in its entirety… but something made me question the statement, and after hearing what he said in response, it prompted me to do my own research.

The Plot to Kill King: The Truth Behind the Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. by Dr. William F. Pepper Esq. (left). James Earl Ray mugshot (right). Photo credit: Skyhorse Publishing Federal Bureau of Prisons / Wikimedia

I came across this YouTube video, and all I can say is WOOOOWWWWW!!! Now this interview is only 12 minutes long… so I really encourage everybody to watch/listen to it. Looks like this interview is a shortened version on a book posted above that was written called “The Plot to Kill King.” Now, I’m not going to spoil the entire interview for you, but allegedly, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. arrived at the hospital (after his assassination attempt) ALIVE!!! It was reported that the attending physician was the one who actually killed MLK Jr and it was a whole conspiracy with the mafia/mob & the government. Needless to say, I am getting ready to order the book… but please take a listen at this interview and please share your thoughts at the bottom of this blog.

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