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Who’s Winning? The Side Chick Or The Main Chick?

On Tuesday evening, we had our premier of “The DM Show” and I must say so myself we had some JUICY topics! Main one that stuck out to me was “Who REALLY wins? The side chick? Or the main chick?” Now, if you ask me?? And don’t get me wrong I represent the ladies, but who would I be if I didn’t keep it 100! Women have their little side piece too when the main daddy is acting up and you have just had ENOUGH! I would say the main piece ALWAYS wins why? For one, let’s be real. On the woman tip, you gone sooner or later start catching them feelings and MEN DON’T FRONT!! Ya’ll say ya’ll cool with being that “side piece” but ya’ll sooner or later start catching them too. A majority of side chicks walk into this openly knowing that the man has a girl, family, ETC and is perfectly okay with it. Most common scenario, the individual is always going to go back to the main piece. You don’t get acknowledged. That main piece pisses them off? They are pissed off at you. I’ve seen cases where a woman was playing her part as that side piece, and was salty each time dude posted a pic of him and his main chick, and was BUTT HURT once them engagements pics started posting!! You get cancelled on frequently. I HIGHLY doubt he is going out his way to spend time with you during the holidays, shit some have never even seen where the man lives.

Now, I’ve gathered a few of our local males to go in on this topic Jahyd, Dierre, Marc, Tee, Shaq (#WigglesworthJenkins), and James. I am wanting to know from each, who do you think really wins and why? Have you ever had a side piece with a main piece?  Have you ever got caught up in between both, what was the result? Why do men go for side pieces? And if you missed our lovely hosts Envy and Holly Chedda’s show last night, listen here!:http://earkandyradio.com/the-dm-show-11-21-17/

Okay ya’ll so who REALLY wins? The main chick or the side chick?

James: Oh no doubt a main chick should win, because why have a side chick? Your main or girlfriend she should be the lady that do anything n everything to keep you happy.

Jahyd: I say main chick cause I don’t believe in cheating. The other thing is that a lot females condone being a side chick.

Marc: You know me I’m for side chick. Because there’s no obligation We as people want freedom and the side chick doesn’t HAVE to do anything. There’s no expectation She show up when she ready.

Dierre: It depends on where you are in life honestly. I’m burnt out dealing with side chicks. I’m ready to build for the main. But earlier this year, side chicks because it’s fun juggling multiple females. It give me a rush.

James: I don’t know, I couldn’t do a side chick too scared to cheat.

Tee: I choose side. Because men use side chicks for a release.. they use them to escape. So there is rarely arguing. No ties. No expectations just genuine time spent.

Jahyd: The other reason I down for the main chick is my last 2 relationship they was cool with threesomes so why cheat.

Tee: Lot of chicks ain’t fucking with threesomes.

James: Now that’s a damn lie most girls will do that threesome just gotta earn it.

Shaq: To chime in threesomes definitely need to be on the agenda cause you basically having one if your chick know you got another bitch.
Jahyd: The key to a three some is keeping her happy and letting her pick the female
Tee: Women feel like we have to earn EVERYTHING if you as a woman don’t mind it and it keeps me happy why do I have to earn it. But if threesomes was more common wouldn’t be a lot of cheating them shits ain’t common enough.
James: Tee do gotta point a females natural behavior is to please her man however though I’m pretty sure most females especially in today society would give there man hell of threesomes but they got too feel important all the time to get it.
So let me get this straight… y’all want a three some to prevent a side chick?
Shaq: Yes please.
Tee: Nah, not all men want them but if y’all both wouldn’t mind WHY NOT?
Marc: No offense to y’all but I’ve had threesomes and it matter how good a women thinks you perform because if you fuck her like Jesus …she don’t want you fucking no body else.
Shaq: And I feel him why is everything earned on the female aspect but y’all demand everything of us? But that’s why the non demanding side chick is thriving.
James: Yea BUT I wouldn’t want a side because you may not be the only one who she fucking and sucking on too big fella.
Marc: I don’t have a problem with that You gone fuck another nigga after me and before me. So I don’t care.
Shaq: How you know your main ain’t a niggas side?
Tee: You gotta trust.. you can’t put logic in situations like that cause logically I’m not the only guy she is attracted to and vice versa
For the ones who did have a side with a main, was there a time you were caught in between both? What was the result?
Tee: Yes I was caught and I chose my main. My main held down the fort cooked cleaned etc great woman but she was not sexual active enough my side was disgusting.. so I was torn between love and lust because the line so thin. I chose my main because morals began to matter my side was for everyone.
Marc: I had a main and we broke up. Then a regular chick that I was talking to kinda put in some extra work but my main came back …so it left me technically cheating on accident lol,  I chose the side cause she had never did wrong by me.
Shaq: I had a main and a side and I got caught up between the 2 but after realizing she had a whole family it made me think you’d do it to him and you’d damn sure do it to me. And once I realized I had a whole damn near wife at home and cleaned my act up she was sick of me and got another nigga and the tables turned and I was fucked up in the head after and don’t look at shit the same but will admit it was my fault.
Jahyd: I feel like this if you have a side chick and she has a family what makes you think she won’t cheat on you?
Tee: I do not want my side to be only mine. I do not care I would prefer she had a family.
Marc: That way she won’t be consumed by you.
Shaq: Id prefer the side with a family less work and y’all know it’s strictly we meet when we got time and I ain’t come for nothing but a fuck session and some of the kids fruit snacks.
Dierre: Yes, with multiple side chicks YOU CAN NEVER BE BORED if you do it the right way. BUT that shit is a full time job. Every move has to be accounted for. One slip up and now A find out about B and B find out about C and C about A and A don’t know about C D and E, and that’s where it gets ugly multiple times. 9 times out of 10 they stay even when you get caught because they use to you and females hate starting over.
Tee: My main was ready to be a wife. When your woman doesn’t fuck you it makes you feel less than a man. Women get so caught up in being pursued they forget to pursue you back.
Dierre: Just a lot of crying from them, block list for a couple days, or even getting called to resolve the cheat with sex and then broken promises being made during sex about not dealing with the female again knowing if you let me do it once, I’m gone test you again. If I can get away with it twice, you ain’t going no where regardless of what I do.
Okay ya’ll last question. WHY do men go for side pieces?
Tee: Something is lacking at home. Or he isn’t ready to commit.
James: That too but because we can do what we want mostly without being rewarded by our main one. Or shit we just need Pussy like every 2 hours
Dierre: Got done dirt ball in the past, was never taught respect so just don’t know how, mirrored image of dad and family never settling down, scared for other reasons, ran across too many females with good pussy to be tied down to one, the fun and rush from dealing with multiple females, etc.
So Tee, I know you were saying earlier how your woman literally did EVERYTHING except the sex interest, if you could go back would you have never had the side piece?
Tee:  No I told her I wanted more sex I was a good man. I deserved that, it’s all I asked.
James: But, maybe she ain’t know what to do
Tee: Yes I told her I wasn’t happy it’s embarrassing to ask for head and sex I paid bills dates never left my child etc
Dierre: I feel like it’s hard to not notice when u lacking.
Tee: It’s not or wasn’t just about sex but more so about submission I gave a lot and didn’t receive it back I submitted to being in a committed relationship. Submit back to me.
Dierre: Niggas will def speak up about what’s lacking before just going out and cheating UNLESS the nigga was never dealing with JUST YOU from jump up until the relationship started.
So why not just leave? I really just feel once you bring someone else in it’s a downfall after that..
James: Sometimes you love them so much it’s hard to leave the girl.
Tee: You do not leave because people aren’t perfect you will settle.. you will not find a Ideal person. You have to create them through communication etc. I did that before ever cheating.
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