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Why Was Jada Pinkett Smith’s Grandmother Teaching Her To “Please Herself” At The Age Of 9?!

Poor Jada Pinkett Smith just can’t seem to catch a break. Everything she does and every word that has ever come out her mouth seems to be under constant scrutiny, and unfortunately it’s not going to stop here.

While most grandmothers were teaching their granddaughters to cook, clean, sew and take care of a home, Jada shared with the viewers on her Facebook show, Red Table Talk, her grandmother taught her how to please herself (mast*rbate) at the tender age of nine.

Yes you heard that right… Jada Pinkett Smith was only nine years old when she learned to please herself sexually. Although this aired over three years ago, my mind can’t help but to wonder how that conversation went between a grandmother and her granddaughter. Out of all the things you can teach a child, why did she feel the need to teach her how to please herself in a sexual manner???

  • Did she catch Jada watching inappropriate movies or maybe caught her playing with herself? Did she explain it step-by-step?
  • Did her grandmother show her physically how to touch on her body by touching herself?
  • Did her grandmother touch on Jada to show her how it was done?

Take a look at the video below as Jada Pinkett Smith drops this bombshell on her show.

I’m totally shocked by this revelation, and I can’t help but to sympathize with Jada Pinkett Smith. She was clearly exposed to sexuality at a young age, so her appetite for sex and being pleased sexually doesn’t surprise me.

After doing a little research on the topic (at what age should you teach your children about mast*rbation), many experts believe you should talk to your kids at a young age about pleasing themselves, especially if they have already started exploring their body.

“When young people are more informed and confident about their bodies, they are better positioned to advocate for consensual, safer and more pleasurable sex as an adult.”

“It’s crucial for parents and caregivers to normalize masturbation by talking about it in a shame-free way, particularly if their child has already started exploring self-touch.”

sex educator Melissa Carnagey

Personally, I never talked to my kids about mast*rbating, and maybe that’s something I should have explored, but teaching my children how to please themselves sexually was never on my list of things to do as a parent.

With everything her and her husband, Will Smith, are going through right now, how do you feel about this piece to the puzzle. Does this change your feelings about Jada Pinkett Smith. Was she forced into learning about her sexuality too soon? Was this a form of child/ sexual abuse against a child? Did you teach your kids about mast*rbation and how to do it? Do you wish you would have taught your kids? Let’s talk about it below.

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