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Will you pray with Ear Kandy Radio?!?

As a member of The Word Church Akron in Akron, Ohio. My pastor Dr. R.A. Vernon who has recently returned from a special kind of sebadical where he entered an almost radical level in his prayer. When I saw him after he had returned from Ghana, the spirit was visible on him… but in a different way. I mean there was such an annoiting on this man of God that, I must be honest… I wanted that!

During the service, Dr. Vernon taught on prayer and how to take it to the next level. He then urged everyone to set a 11:55am alarm to remind them of prayer time at noon and to stick with it… So I did!

I went into work at the Ear Kandy Radio studios and shared the vision with our CEO and one of the Directors and immediately they were on board to pray at noon. All being Christians this didn’t surprise me, but it was still very refreshing that there was no judgement, questions, or rebuttals. And like  clockwork at 11:55am the following day my phone went off, and it was time to pray. And we did just that!

We prayed and it was a beautiful and refreshing feeling throughout the room. The word says wherever 2 or 3 is gathered there he is in the mist, and his presence was most definitely felt. Since that day we have prayed everyday together at noon. We have even found others who have requested to be apart of our little prayer circle.

So yesterday after having a business meeting turned prayer circle where we added yet another business owner, Brittney C Miller CEO of Ear Kandy Radio proposed that we extend our prayer circle…. She said “what if we had the worlds biggest prayer circle”?!? With one look, we decided to open up our prayer circle to the world!

Because we have made a commitment to pray everyday at 12 noon.

We have one question for you….

Will you pray with us???


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