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Wisconsin Hairstylist Blasted For Bad Hairstyle

An upset Face Book user, @Tyresha Cleary, took to her personal page to let her friends and the public know about a service she received… which she was very unhappy about.

She was going for an illusion part, and she was pissed about the outcome of the hairstyle. After reading through the comments, it looks like @Aaliyah Pernell (the stylist) was supposed to fix her hair and never did. So you know I had to do a little investigating and go to Ms. Aaliyah’s page.

Just as I suspected, Aaliyah also made her own status about the incident.

So I want to know how you guys feel about the situation? Who was in the wrong? How do you feel about people going on to social media to expose bad business practices? How do you feel about business owners being rude back to a customer who exposed them?

I don’t know the entire back story, but I do think they both could have possibly handled this situation a little better.

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