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Woman Beat Her One Yr-Old To Death After Pulling Flat Screen Off Dresser

Detroit (Wayne County) – 20 year old Rhionna Nichols has been charged with FELONY MURDER and first degree child abuse & torture.

Her one year old son (Viston) allegedly pulled a flat screen television off the dresser , and apparently, she lost it! The poor baby was rushed to the hospital with a fractured skull, ribs, pelvis and collarbone.

Rhionna claims she only shook him and hit him with a slipper, but the babies injuries tell a different story. Poor Viston passed away two days after being taken to the hospital.

The family is upset and can’t believe how Viston had to spend the last days of his short life here on earth. Prayers for the family, and even prayers to the mother. It’s hard to imagine doing something like this to a child in your right mind, but a lot of times when stuff like this happens… people are not in their right mind. Rest peacefully little baby!

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