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Woman & Boyfriend Convicted of Raping Young Girl Over 6 Year Span

New Orleans, LA – A 39 year old woman (Sandra E. Gaines) was just convicted of raping a young girl and will be sentenced on April 10, 2019. Her charges were two counts of aggravated rape and three counts of sexual battery, for repeatedly raping a child under age 13 with another adult over several years.

Her boyfriend (Robert Cardell Flowers) was convicted of the same charges back in 2015 & he was sentenced to life in prison. It is very likely Sandra will get the same sentence… life in prison for what they did to that poor child.

The reports are not indicating if the victim was Sandra’s daughter, but the articles allude to it. The victim said the abuse started happening when she was 5 years old and continued until about 2015.

I’m truly happy justice was served on these POS!

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