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Woman Burns & Dismembers Her Own Toddler Because He Wouldn’t Eat or Listen!

Nakira Grina who admitted to murdering her 23-month old child, Daniel Griner Jr.

Sad, sad story out of Bridgeton, NJ. A woman named Nakira Griner has been charged with murdering her 23 month old son, Daniel Griner Jr.

Initially she reported that her son had been abducted on Feb. 8th of this year. She said she was walking with Daniel in the stroller and her other infant son was strapped to her chest when a stranger attacked her. She said she fell to the ground and he kicked her repeatedly. Once she looked up, Daniel & the stroller were gone! The detectives began to think something was wrong when her story kept changing.

A search team began looking for the boy, which was aided by state police, prosecutors & even bloodhounds from the NJ State Park Police. Sadly, the toddler’s remains were found under a shed in Nakira’s yard. The stroller was also found a couple blocks from her home.

She admitted to the police that she hit her precious little baby because he would not eat or listen to her. She hit him so hard that he fell down the stairs. She did notice he had bruises on his face… but she did not call anybody for help, she just put him in his stroller and left him alone.

Prayers to the entire family. I noticed little Daniel was a Jr, so I would like to extend our condolences from Ear Kandy Radio. That woman deserves to be thrown under the jail like she did her baby!

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