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Woman Denies Baby Dad From Seeing His Child & Spits At Him

Detroit man says his baby’s mother called him over her house to see his daughter, but when he arrived he got spit on instead!

Powerline NotGoofy (on Facebook) uploaded a video of the altercation between him and his baby mother. He was really trying to maintain the peace, and you can tell all he wanted to do was see his daughter… but his baby mom had another agenda.

You can also see the child’s grandmother standing in the doorway holding the child in the video, recording the incident as well. It’s so sad she wouldn’t at least take the baby in the house so she didn’t have to witness her mom acting a complete fool.

Take a look at the video… and kudos to this father! He really could have hurt her for spitting at him and his brother, but he took the higher road. I hope he gets access to his daughter through the courts.

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