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Woman Gets a Vagina Made Out of Fish Skin

Out of all the skins that could be used to create a vagina, they choose “fish skin”?  Not to make the situation comical in any type of way, but that was literally the 1st thought that came to my head when I first read the story.  But get this, Jucilene Marinho, from Brazil, was given the crushing news that she had no vagina when she was 15 years old.  You would think that they would have discovered that years ago (like maybe at birth), but the rare congenital condition Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser (MRKH) still allowed her to develope normally throughout puberty, and she even experienced period pains but never had a period.  They diagnosed the condition when medics  found nothing but connective tissue behind the skin covering what should have been Jucilene’s vagina.

Fast forward to present day and Jucilene is now 23 years old, surgeons created a vagina and lined it with the skin of a tilapia fish, she said she now enjoys a healthy sex life — after three months recuperating.  “Doctors gave me the all clear to have sex in October last year,” Jucilene said.  “At first I was very scared to do it because I thought it would hurt and I was worried it might damage the opening. But it was a wonderful moment because everything worked perfectly.  “There was no pain just a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction. I didn’t feel any discomfort and there was no bleeding.  “Everything felt sensitive in what I’m told is the right and normal way.  “It was perfectly natural like the opening had always been there.”  And look at here, LOL she has that glow like YESSSSS  I got my dick now!  LOL

But back to the fact that they used the fish skin… The pioneering operation, called neovaginoplasty, and was performed by a team at the Federal University of Ceara, led by gynecologist, Dr Leonardo Bezerra in April last year.  The revolutionary treatment involved medics opening a space between the vagina and anus, before inserting a tubular mold lined with the fish skin.  Once in contact with the patient’s body, tilapia skin acts like stem cells and is absorbed and transformed into cellular tissue forming the walls of the canal, similar to an actual vagina.  Before it’s used, the fish skin is cleaned and sterilized in the lab, before irradiation to kill viruses.  The process also removes all the scales and fishy smell.

What do you guys think this type pf surgery will do for the transgender community?  I will continue to follow these procedures…  but For the entire store and the rest of the details, please visit https://www.news.com.au/technology/science/human-body/woman-born-without-a-vagina-has-one-created-using-fish-skin-in-rare-operation/news-story/d28f73c491a7a895dba616cc7337b2ee

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