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Woman Gets Beat Up On Airplane For Calling Man “N” Word

People are on high alert everywhere, and it seems everyone’s patience is running real thin! Well this passenger on an American Airlines flight must have had it up to HERE, and had to seriously whoop some ass on the plane.

Allegedly a white female passenger on the airplane called the black male flight attendant a “N*GGER” and that’s when all hell broke loose!

A black female passenger sitting next to the white female passenger overheard what she said, and she spoke up in defense for the flight attendant! Well she actually did a little more than speaking… but take a look at the video and see for yourself.

If you notice, after getting her issue from the black female passenger, the white passenger starts crying and playing the victim role. Do you guys think the black female passenger was wrong for the way she handled this situation?

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7 thoughts on “Woman Gets Beat Up On Airplane For Calling Man “N” Word

  1. No she did the right thing by kicking her ass rude after all these years white people still calling black people the n word I wish she had the chance to do more damage to her, but it’s okay I bet you that she will think twice before she call a black person the n word again well well well

  2. Something should have been done absolutely, ass whooping, last resort I take it it was a last resort, based on the info I have, keeping in mind I’m A/A. It’s a relief not hearing another A/A life Wasn’t Taken, because Some asshole felt that Way. My bad side Fuck Her, My Good Side Educate that Bitch. Male or Female. 😲🙄🤨🤔😏😒🔥💥💯🤫

    1. Blacks are violent whites are deadly? Dumbest thing I’ve heard in a while. Death is the ultimate violence. Numbskull

  3. Regardless of race, if you speak it you give it life!
    There is NO black or white version of the word and you’re only kidding yourself if you believe that ideology.
    Hypocrisy is if one believes it’s ok for one race to say it but others can’t because they’re the wrong color.
    That belief in itself is a RACIST ideology. Don’t like the word? Don’t give it life!

    1. Neal, that’s the stupidest shit ever. No one gave or spoken life into slavery but it happened because of the hands of you people. It’s amazing how to forget the world’s most tragedy(SLAVERY) but never forget 911 incident. Obviously, you are a Racist. An undercover Racist.

    2. Your people have used that word to put my people down and make them feel like shit so we claimed the word back and when we sat it it has a different meaning than when you say it The only way you give that word life is if you say it and you are white because coming out of your mouth it is a constant reminder of what our ancestors had to go through but coming out of our mouths it let’s us know that we have taken the word back for ourselves so eat shit RACIST

  4. Its good this happened because black flight attendants are not pull men porters from the 20th century. Where the word George or Nigger will suffice just so good blacks, who will never be Americans or Christians, in this country. The Black Lady was justified in punching the Fuck out that Honkey!

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