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Woman Has Over 30 Seizures in the Springfield County Jail w/ No Medical Treatment

Ruth Ann Cain (35 years old), who is an inmate at the Springfield (Clark) County Jail being held on a $500 bond for theft and trespassing charges, had her 1st seizure around 5:30 pm yesterday (April 2, 2019). By the time 8:00 hit, she had 34 seizures and was non-responsive. Instead of sending Ruth to get medical treatment at a local hospital, they drug her out on a mat all the way out the pod to put her in the hole while she “calmed down.”

The nurse (Kim Mason) didn’t thoroughly assess the situation. She didn’t take any vitals, count how many seizures Ruth had, check her temperature, crush up her pills so she could take them… nothing. The nurse said if the other inmates had a problem with it, then they could take care of her… so that’s what they did. The other inmates had to take her clothes and socks off & had to cover her up with a sheet. The deputies were laughing and smirking at what was going on (Deputy Long was laughing while Ruth was seizing). Deputy Hiles checked on Ruth occasionally but never did anything.

Ruth seemed to be epileptic and was demonstrating symptoms of withdraw (from Xanax & heroin), and a lot of state (jail) facilities are not equipped to handle complex withdraw cases. She wasn’t responsive, she couldn’t talk (all she could do was shake her head) and as soon as she would try to talk, she would start to seizure again.

It’s so sad that when people go to jail, they may be subjected to losing out on medical care/treatment needed to possibly save their life. If you know Ruth Ann Cain, you may want to reach out to the jail to make she she is getting the medical attention she needs. There was already an incident where an inmate died at this facility in 2017 (whose cause of death was”unclear”). >>Read the article here<<

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3 thoughts on “Woman Has Over 30 Seizures in the Springfield County Jail w/ No Medical Treatment

  1. I was locked up with rue and she was having a seizure an they didn’t do a damn thing for her us inmates are the ones who helped her and took care of her…… so sad seriously nobody deserves that kinda treatment!!!!fuck the Clark county jail and almost all the employees for real!!!!RIP Rue ull be missed greatly……

  2. Rue didnt die in jail.She died on the streets.What does her death have to do with her jail time?I knew her and loved her.I really gate that she wasnt given proper medical attention .I agree that they need to come up with something better for people withdrawing off of drugs because it can potentially cause stroke or death.The problem is deputies arent healthcare professionals.Perhaps that is what is needed

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