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Woman Is Disgusted When She Gets Pic Mail Of Her Mom Breastfeeding Her Baby

Most breastfeeding moms are very protective over their kids, especially while they are still breastfeeding. So can you imagine the pain, hurt & betrayal this mom felt when she received a text message (included with a picture) of her own mother breastfeeding her small child??

The woman shared the picture on social media and she w.as saying how her mom is not lactating so why would she ever pop her breast in her child’s mouth?? Honestly, I think it is a form of sexual child abuse. You are making a child suck on your breast & you have no milk coming out. The post was deleted off her page… but I was able to grab a couple snapshots.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think the grandmother is justified by trying to make the baby fall asleep or was it child abuse??

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