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Women Know Your Worth

Latasha Carter is a woman on a journey of knowing her worth. Born in Mansfield Ohio. Latasha states prior to starting Women Know your Worth, she was on a journey of finding herself when she got married to her husband. When a woman is finding herself and understanding she begins to recognize certain behaviors and thoughts that take place. Latasha states she was always thinking the worse in her relationship, having trust issues, believing sex was love and a main priority in a relationship. The mind set of confusing sex as love can really hinder a person, once real love comes at them as they aware and may reject it. Latasha states, with trouble in her marriage, she went to God and asked him what to do. She states God told her, she didn’t know her worth and it was time to act on it. In December of 2017 Mrs. Carter took a step out on faith and started Women Know Your Worth seminars. Still learning and understanding herself, Latasha created a safe space where other women from all backgrounds could come to speak about their experience on their journey of knowing their worth and finding self-love.

Women Know Your Worth is an organization geared to women from youth to the elderly, to hold themselves accountable and walk in freedom. Stand tall not as a victim, not pointing the finger but looking on the inside of oneself and finding the love you have been searching for. WKYW is here for encouraging women to find peace in themselves, and to love themselves enough to stop settling for less than what they deserve. When a woman is not taught how to love herself properly, she grows up accepting things she deserves. WKYW gives women the opportunity to know it doesn’t matter your age, there is room to grow, to learn to love yourself and to walk in your truth. It is time to adjust your crown queen. With such a variety of topics the seminars are tended to women as young as teenagers, of course depending on the topic and what is appropriate women interested in the events are more than welcome bring their young adolescent daughters. It starts with the youth. Looking to expand in other cities, WKYW have seminars every 3 months with a different topic each month focusing on a woman knowing her worth. WKYW gives you an experience of learning how to let go, deal with traumatic experiences and listen to  panel guest speakers, new topics and accommodation of Lunch. You also get to be familiarized with local small business vendors as they promote their business. WKYW next event themed Soul Ties, will be held this Saturday March 16 12pm-330pm at the NEIC center 134 N Main St, Mansfield, Oh 44902.  Special guest will include Akron’s own Xposyur, along with a couple other guest speakers. Lunch will also be provided and yes this is a free event and recommended to woman of all ages. Latasha will be a guest speaker on Lets Talk Radio. Be sure to tune in Sunday March 17, 2019 at 7 pm ET. If you are interested in joining in on the topic, have any questions, comments or concerns we recommend calling into the show 646-787-8528 to listen or press 1 to talk. 



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