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Woman Lets Husband Have Oral Sex With Her 8-Yr. Old Daughter

A Bartlesville, Oklahoma couple has been arrested on several counts of sexual abuse of an eight-year-old girl. The screenshots of their conversation were circulating around social media (nude photos of the victim were also exchanged in the thread), and I am utterly appalled! They said they would take her phone away if she told anybody anything.

Ashley Burnett is facing possible charges of enabling child sexual abuse (against her own daughter), and Kendall Burnett is facing possible charges of child sexual abuse, manufacturing, possessing and distributing child pornography and other charges (against his step daughter).

According to the affidavit, Ashley alleged Kendall performed oral sex on her eight-year-old daughter in January, there were also multiple times when he exposed his private parts around the victim, and he even bathed with the victim on one occasion.

Kendall’s bond was set at $200,000 (in addition to $50,000 motion to revoke warrant). Ashley’s bond was set at $150,000. The both will appear in court Tuesday, in Washington County to face formal charges.

It’s so sad when a mother betrays the trust of her own daughter for the “love” of a man. How could you want to be with somebody who also wants your eight year old daughter sexually? I really hope the little girl gets the help she needs, and I hope they both rot in prison 4-ever for the trauma they have caused this innocent little girl! Here are the screenshots of their conversation.

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10 thoughts on “Woman Lets Husband Have Oral Sex With Her 8-Yr. Old Daughter


  2. That fat pathetic worthless bitch brings a black guy into her home and look what happens.These white girls in this world that engage in bestiality for a big dick might as well get a horse.at least the horse won’t rape your kids, turn u out on drugs,cheat on u with men,bring u aids,sell all your shit then sell u.The child is innocent in all this but u nasty white girls with the black snake moan get everything u deserve

    1. So sad that you turned this into a race issue. Clearly the woman is just as sick as the man, and clearly you are a racist and ignorant human being.

    2. I don’t think this has anything to do with white women and black men. I think this has to do with two very sick individuals. The victim in this is their daughter and unfortunately this will stay with this little girl for a long time.. I really hope both adults stay locked up for a really long time. But you have no right to make this a race thing this is a sickness thing and criminal thing.

  3. Ryan…it’s not just BLACK guys! Read about Eddie Sexton. He was white and he was a MONSTER! PEOPLE ARE SICK IN GENERAL!!! My son has a white girl and she is a poor excuse of a mother. THESE TWO, NO MATTER WHAT RACE THEY ARE, NEED TO BE MOLESTED BY THE WORST STREET GANGS ON EARTH DAY IN, DAY OUT!

  4. Wtf are you doing this has no concern to you this is my niece and you are just trying to raise money to benefit yourself you wow you are taking others personal grief and trying to make money you are a sad sad individual. Where is the money going that you get? To another vacation

    1. what are you talking about? Nobody is trying to raise money. Where were your antennas when your niece was being violated?! That’s what you should be concerned about.

  5. was told about this by a friend and had to do some research because i literally couldn’t believe it. this is heartbreaking 💔😭

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