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Woman Purchases Smoked Turkey Tails From Akron Sav-A-Lot & Gets P*nis Instead

Updated August 27, 2020 : According to the Medical Examiner’s report and Akron Beacon Journal… On Wednesday morning, an investigator at the Medical Examiner’s Office said they determined the meat was pork, not human. The piece of meat also has a bone in it, furthering evidence it was not what it looked like and likely a pig tail. In response to the incident, Save A Lot said it had not been contacted by the customer or anyone representing her. It also said it had not had issues with the product before.

“At Save A Lot we have a long-held commitment to the highest standards in quality control and work in partnership with our vendors to ensure those standards are upheld,” the statement said. “Issues of quality receive the utmost priority and we take this matter very seriously. We can confirm that we have had no previous quality issues with this item and we have not been contacted by the customer in question or the local authorities regarding this incident. We will take the appropriate action at that time.”

Akron, OH – Lamia Singfield was left confused after buying what she thought was turkey tails from a local discount store, but received a penis instead.

Lamia was in the kitchen preparing some great northern and kidney beans for her family when she noticed a piece of her “turkey tails” didn’t exactly look like a turkey tail. It in fact looked like a penis of a human (although it has not been confirmed what species the penis was from).

Lamia called the police to file a report, and they took the evidence to the medical examiner so they can find out exactly what species the penis was from. Of course the police could not confirm it was from a human being, but they hinted around to the fact.

She purchased the “turkey tails” from Sav-A-Lot on Copley Road, in Akron, OH.

Address: 1375 Copley Rd

Phone(330) 835-3761

Check out the videos below… what do it look like to you? Does anybody know what type of animal this could have come from?

>>>Click Here for the video<<<

>>>Click here for follow up video<<<

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  1. I wouldn’t want my wife the post something like that on Facebook especially if I couldn’t measure up to that disc but please do not taste that you don’t know where that damn dick come from

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