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Woman Runs Over Her Boyfriend After He Tells Her He is HIV Positive

This story takes place in Phoenix, Arizona and the footage comes from a neighbor’s home security camera & it is an older story but I thought it was worth sharing.  But what would you do if your partner told you they were HIV positive (after having unprotected sex) and then laughed about it??

Well that was the case for Misty Lee Wilke.  Reportedly, her boyfriend told her he was HIV positive and they got into a really heated argument.  Misty said her boyfriend was laughing and joking about the matter and he even got a knife and cut her on the arm (which the police did confirm she had a cut on her arm).

You can see on the video footage a red Mustang running him over causing him to flip over the hood of the car as the person in the car continues to drive away.  The man who was hit did get up on his own and tried to walk but then fell over again.  The man did survive, but he suffered a pretty serious head injury and a fractured vertebrae.  Misty claims that she did know that she hit somebody, but she wasn’t aware that it was her boyfriend who ended up in the front of her car (ironically).

Police confirmed that they found blood, hair and paint from the victim’s bike on Misty’s car.  Misty was arrested and charged with two counts of aggravated assault.  But I am curious to see if her boyfriend will be charged for anything if she is tested positive for HIV!  I mean… isn’t that something like attempted murder?  What are your thoughts on this story?

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