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Woman Says IF You Want To Lock A Man Down… You Have To “Eat” His Ass!

Now, I’ve heard a lot of remedies and things to do to lock a man down, but this one right here takes the cake for me! I was scrolling on Face Book and I came across a video of a woman talking to a group of people (men & women). In the video she was telling them what you have to do to lock a man down.

She begins to describe how you have to eat your man’s ass… well not so he feels all feminine with his butt in the air, but just get down on your knees a give it a little lick, to let him know “you’re with the shit.” Take a look below at the video.

I want to know how all the fellas feel about what she’s saying? A lot of men will act like they don’t like their butts being touched or played with, when having a public conversation about it… but a lot of women have reported that their men are open to it. & Ladies, how do you feel about licking or playing with your man’s butt? Same with the ladies… a lot of them say they won’t do it, but behind closed girls they are down for whatever to please their man!

Do you consider a man getting his butt played with (by a woman) gay??? Let’s hear those opinions.

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