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Woman Says She Will Take Her Son’s Virginity Herself

WOW… what is the world coming to?! People truly do the most for attention on social media, and this one truly made me sick to my stomach!

Niyahh Kelly (on Facebook) thought it would be cute and/or funny to post her & her son naked in the bathtub with the caption

“My son not losing his virginity to no trifling a** b*tch 100, I’ll take his shit by the time he 13 I’ll let him kill my shit every week”

~Niyahh Kelly

I am grossly disgusted by her post. I just can’t understand how a woman could post something so reckless in a playful manner. I am hoping like hell she was just playing, but honestly… WHO PLAYS LIKE THAT?!?!? UGH, poor baby! I hope and pray she gets her mind right because this is not fair to the baby.

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