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Woman Sets Her Husband On Fire, Was It Justified.

This is an older story… but I thought it was news worthy. Tatanysha Hedman, 40 years-old, set her husband on husband (Vincent Phillips, 52) on fire after finding out he raped and molested her seven year old daughter at the time!

Hedman waited for her husband to go to sleep, then she poured flammable liquid all over him and then lit a match! She later told the police that shooting him would have been entirely “too nice.”

But check out the video of him entering a convenience store while he was still burning… screaming “Help me, I’m on fire.”

Unfortunately… I mean fortunately, her husband did not die from being set on fire, and he is now being charged with a first degree sex crime. While Jackson fced arson and assault charges (although her state of mind at the time played a major part in sentencing).

I honestly think it was a crime of passion and I hope home-girl gets off with slap on the wrist! Too many times, these pedophiles get off too easy. Now, I am not saying that violence is the answer BUTTTT you must protect your children at all cost.

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