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Woman Shows Off Her Aborted Babies On Face Book

So… I was scrolling on Face Book and I came across a post that stopped me dead in my tracks. A woman posted a picture, and the caption read

the mom vs. the offspring

(yes I kept all my abortions. I love my babies)

~Jonesha Jackson

Now I don’t know if this was a sick joke or if she was being serious, but this is nothing to play about in my opinion. I didn’t even know they gave you the option to take your aborted baby with you at the clinic? Can anybody confirm if this is true?

Now you know I had to do the research real quick… & WOW!!! You are able to take your aborted fetuses remains with you if you choose to. I guess it makes sense, because it is your child. & they are only going to use it for their own benefit anyway.. But it’s just kind of creepy. How do you guys feel about her posting her aborted kids on social media?

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