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“Woman to Woman”. Does this really solve anything?

Do we feel that approaching the “other” woman in your relationship solves the problem? Or are we opening a gate for more trouble to come in?

There are many side effects to openly knowing your man is involved with some one else. It can lead to low self esteem, trust issues. BUT, have you ever considered approaching the other woman if you openly knew? Regardless or your place, main chick or side chick to seek for some sense of relief and establishment? Is it the right thing to do? Do you get justification out of it?

Me personally? I say hell no. I feel having a “Woman to Woman” stirs up NOTHING but trouble and ongoing drama.  A wise one will avoid any kind of confrontation with the other woman. Once you open the door to allow it, she will always feel welcomed to your door step to try and tell you about “your man”. I would not be right if I did not say I tried it when I was approached to seek my peace. But, we cannot make an opinion on whether it justifies anything unless we’ve tried it before, for sure. But here are my main key points why.

First of all, 9/10 you’re being funny. Let’s be real, yes some women’s intentions can be that they honestly want to know, but you are more than likely to know about them which is why you approached them in the first place right? So what is there to talk about? In a lot of cases their proof is right in their faces whether it’s from people who know of them, to social media. But yet, that is the line that they use to introduce themselves, just to get in to tell you about “your man”.  “Hey, I know we don’t know each other but..” “Are you involved with”, “Do you fuck with”, “I just don’t want to be lied to anymore”.. those are only a minimum. Which leads me into another reason to support this, while in action of trying to be funny, let’s say you are in the shoes of the one who does “not know”, but she knows all about you. You don’t know what could have transpired between them. She really could be still involved, but what if she is a thing of the past? Just bitter of the fact he is not with her? She could be approaching you “woman to woman” just to lie to you! In all actuality, if you’re not sure why the man has the other woman? It is not the other woman’s responsibility to explain that to you – it’s your man’s as that is where the trust and communication comes in as well as the decision on your future with this man going forward.

My main reason I believe it does not justify anything, there is a high chance you will allow it and be back with him. Am I lying? How many relationships do we see where they are arguing, “single” one minute. Then back together the next? Whether you are the side chick or the main check. Married, or in a relationship. As the wife, partner, or girlfriend it can be tough to accept your man having another woman but the fact is the man must have has reasons behind it as to why he married or committed to you its quite likely that you know what those reasons are. But, at the same time, he also knows why he is keeping the other woman too! So don’t lose no sleep wondering why he is cheating. You will either ask him and seek to resolve it OR you are going to leave. Why allow a conversation with someone else determine the fate of your relationship when you two are not the chosen ones in it?

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