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Woman With 2 Husbands Vents About The Other Women They Choose As Girlfriends

Kenya K Stevens is a one-on-one life coach who assists power couples who want to move from monogamy to polygamy. Her Instagram page is @progressive_love_academy, where she opens up about her marriage(s) and lets her followers into her world.

Kenya has two husbands, and she shows her fans how it is possible to love more than one person at a time. She believes a lot of married people cheat because they cannot express their ‘true desires’ to their spouse without a fight.

Back to the topic at hand… Kenya took to Instagram to vent to her husbands about the other girlfriends they choose to be in entanglements/relationships with. She basically wants to know what they are bringing to the table, because she does a hell of a lot of cooking and cleaning and it seems they aren’t doing much of anything. Take a listen to the clip below.

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Sorry for the poor sound quality, but we were not planning this, (video from early 2019) we were waiting for an #interview and I decided to UPLVLvent about my #feelings – let my #ego speak! This is just a tiny peek into my daily #polylife β€” My handsome and powerful hubbies held perfect space until our interviewer called. Do share your thoughts! … . . Do you have my UPLVL book yet? Discover this tool! . . LISTEN folks – I am happy to talk to you about the systems we utilize to make our #polyamory work! This is what we do, we are the best in the world at taking folks over the bridge from the Western conundrum of #monogamy to the NEW EARTH #polyamory!!! We created these tools just for this moment!! Let #Freedom Ring! Love You! . . #jujumama #progressivelove #powertothepeople #polyam #polylife #relationships #marriage #openmarriage #openrelationship #openrelationships #polyamorycoach . . Join one of our SIX powerful Adult Initiations this year, we begin September 21 – if you want to discover what it means to have multiple partners, how to conduct yourself, or even if you want a more harmonious #monogamous union – this is the PLACE – PLA babe!! . . Also join us in #asheville in just two weeks! THe New Paradigm Relationship Intensive is on and popping August 29-30! follow this hashtag for more #npri2020 … . . Follow hubby #1 here @rakhemseku β€” our timelines go way back babe. #godmother and #godfather of #polyam πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ bloop

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I am in two, dynamic, affair proof marriages.

~Kenya K. Stevens

Kenya actually has a pretty good relationship with her husband’s girlfriends. They even work together.

Do you guys think you could be in a polygamy or open relationship? If so… would there be stipulations? Fellas, could you let your woman have another man? Ladies, could you let your man have another woman? Let’s talk about it, and be sure to check Kenya’s page out. >>> @progressive_love_academy. If you have questions about the lifestyle, she can help you out.

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