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Woman’s Sister Is Charged With Child Abuse & Neglect Which Led To The Death Of Her Two Children

Maryland woman, Nicole Johnson, 33, has been charged with neglect and child abuse, which resulted in the death of two young children left in her care.

Johnson’s car was pulled over by officers just after 11 p.m on Wednesday night for speeding. They allege the 2008 Ford Focus had fake temporary tags and was found to be unregistered and uninsured. When an officer told Johnson that she had to report to court within five days for the various infractions, she reportedly told them she wouldn’t be around and they would see her making her “big debut” on the news.

The officers told her car would be towed and she could remove any personal belongings, and that’s when she then removed a tote bag and something wrapped in a trash bag from the trunk. The officer reported smelling a powerful stench.

Johnson initially denied knowing where the smell was coming from. She said she thought it could be a “dead rat in the engine,” and the officer got suspicious when he noticed maggots in one of the bags. Upon further inspection, the officer found the bodies of both the children in different tote bags. Johnson tried to run, but was quickly apprehended.

The bodies of the kids had been in the trunk for months. Johnson said she hit the little girl when they were staying in a hotel and she fell and hit her head and died. Then she said her nephew fell asleep and never woke up.

Police released a statement last Friday. Johnson was the aunt of the siblings: Joshlyn Johnson, 7, and Larry O’Neil, 5. Both children were severely malnourished.

Dachelle Johnson , the biological mother, says she sent her children to live with her older sister Nicole Johnson because she was having trouble providing for them (back in 2019). The reason being is because she was grieving the loss of the woman who raised her and was having mental breakdowns. “I wouldn’t just leave them,” Johnson said in a statement to TNHT. The children’s father was living in another state and her sister was the only one she trusted. “She was my big sister, she was supposed to be taking care of them.”

However, Dachelle says that after the children went to live with her sister, the sister allegedly moved and didn’t tell Dachelle where she lived. “I kept trying to reach out, I feel like she got attached and didn’t want to give them back.”

Dachelle contacted CPS to assist in checking on the well-being of her children after not hearing from them for some time.

This story is absolutely heartbreaking. Earkandyradio will keep you updated as the story develops.

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