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Women Take Over Disneyland Dressed As Black African Princesses

14 women of color dressed as African Disney Princesses, in their African print dresses and took over the themepark (Disneyland). It was all Audrey Lee Young’s idea (who happens to be a super Disney fan).

“It was all black girls and @followtheyellowbrickgirl (another member) had always wanted to do the Muses from Hercules. That was when #blackgirldisneymagic began. A year later we got together again and all bounded as different versions of Tiana (since she has so many outfits). Later that same week I came up with our next idea. Since we were out of black Disney girls I said ‘why don’t we make the Disney girls black?’ I wanted to #disneybound as Disney princesses but in African Print.” 

“It was important to see this through because when I came up with the idea, it was literally because our group had run out of black women Disney characters to portray,”

~ Audrey Lee Young

The group of women got together on Feb 8 to make this beautiful photoshoot & Lee’s dream become reality. People stopped and admired them and took pictures of the African print princesses. Even Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Chip and Dale stopped in their tracks to talk with the princesses, the outlet reports.   Kudos to you Audrey… may all your dreams continue to come true!

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