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Would you have sex on live for 1 billion dollars welp they did it for free

This has been a crazy week. Multiple people have been caught doing sexual acts in public and I have more. So I’m scrolling through my timeline and care access a juicy post and I got the video as well. ***warning view  discretion is advised *** you see  a man on live facing the camera towards him yet if you listen you hear moaning. Welp a young lady (if we can still consider her a “lady”) having sex. The person even flip the camera around to give the people a peek. How do you guys feel about this one? Sex use to be an intimate between two people who loved each other or at least lust each other. Now people will have sex just about any where,with anyone around. Unfortunately the guy can’t preform under pressure and his  penis couldn’t get hard. Poor little tink tink. Facebook never seems to surprise me anymore people will do anything for like and views.

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