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Wow! 58 year old teacher meets up with 15 year old in Akron Ohio!

Updated 3/5/2020

During more investigation he is still an active teacher at a other Akron Public School. Skelly was escorted out of work this morning until the investigation is done. According to multiple people the incident happened in December 2019. The 58 year old will no longer be allowed on school grounds until the investigation is over. I’ll keep you updated…. thank goodness these kids spoke up I pray no child was harmed by this man. Prayers going out!

Who hires these people! I was trolling down my timeline and saw a article of this 58 year old man meeting up with a 15 year old!

During my troll I learned he was a restaurant teacher at Garfield a High School. A former high school in Akron, Ohio. As of now the school is knock down and no longer here.

Skelly however is employed by another APS and has now been placed on administrative leave until an investigation is done!

Mr. Skelly covered his face and tired to hide but check out the full video below

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