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X-Posing Gay Rappers

I was surfing around on YouTube this morning, and somehow…  I came across a video talking about exposing Gay Rappers.  P. Diddy was mentioned in the title, so I clicked on it because I had just recently seen an interview with him on the Breakfast Club sort of hitting on Fabolous.

Granted… this video was released a year ago.  In this video, they talk about P. Diddy being bi-sexual.  Xzibit even speaks about Diddy taking him to a gay club & recalling a time when Super Head (Karrine Steffans) took a video of her putting a finger in Diddy’s butt.  They also speak about the gay rituals rappers must be apart of to be accepted and excel in the music industry.

So, let’s blog about it.  Do you think the industry is trying to make our men feminine/gay?  Comment below, no judgement.  Also, check out some of these other videos about gay rappers.  & This is my thing…  I do not have a problem with gay people AT ALL…  But why do they play both sides.  They like women in the light and deal with men in the dark.  It’s not fair.  I think you should be required to tell somebody the truth about your sexual orientation prior to having sex.

Rapper Fat Joe also talks about how he believes the media is controlled by the gay mafia.  You guys have to check this out. & Gay Rapper ILoveMakonnen Comes Out of the Closet as a Gay Rapper in Illuminati Hip-Hop Industry.

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