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Yea…. Beyonce Loves Them Strippers Toooooo!!!

beyonce getting a lap dance

: …. I was surfing on Media Take Out (MTO) to get the latest updates on the celebrity gossip (one of my guilty pleasures) and I came across this picture of Beyonce getting a lap dance from a girl from ‘TAZ ANGELS’ modeling agency.   Taz Angels are a group of Miami “models” who dance at clubs . . . and are paid to ENTERTAIN wealthy clientele when they’re in south Florida.

They are VERY well paid, all live in the same house, and give a VERY SUBSTANTIAL amount of the $$ they make to their . . .- a man named TAZ.

I want to know how guys feel about the strippers???  Ladies… if you like strippers, does that make you bi-sexual or bi-curious???

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