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You go girl! Tokyo Vanity weight lost journey… she looks good

Tokyo posted pictures of her workout journey and she looks great! Tokyo came to us on Love And Hip Hop Atlanta and during that time her friends was concerned about her health. We watched as her struggle with convincing other people she was happy as she was!

Then vs Now

Tokyo has been hitting the gym and it’s paying off! She posted multiple pictures of her journey and expressed to fans workout it’s not easy. Yet she’s still determined! You go girl ( in my Martin voice)! I’m happy for her! Oftentimes we don’t always notice that we gained extra weight or try to stop it before our health is in jeopardy.

Now this is not Tokyo case but I’m happy she is taking charge and sticking to her New Year’s Goals! Because honey I haven’t started working out yet.

In all honesty we all know weight don’t stop Shit though! Men loves BBWs! And more women are becoming confident in their own skin… I’m here for it! We all should be able to be happy no matter what size we wear! Plus she has a man who loves her! Phat ass and all… no disrespect boo!

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