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You don’t “Really” matter either…

In the wake of this Government shutdown I truly hope people are paying attention to how much power they really have when its placed in the hands of someone else. None. The reason for this post is to just talk about what is actually happening and what we should be doing instead. I don’t have all the answers so that’s where you come in. After viewing a recent interview aired on CNN, about government employees some of which have run out of money but still have to live and make adjustments with fear of the unknown. This is heart breaking to say the least, especially when you have done your part to secure a position in a government who is supposedly set out to protect its people. Americans are the ones currently affected by this shutdown and it’s people are being drained. I can admit, for the Trump supporters I felt as though, this is what you get for voting for an “Idiot!” Before you bash me on the choice word used, just Google and hit images…I did not write with emotion I fact checked first:)( He is the poster child for the word) However, it’s not just Trump supporters that are affected by this ugly debacle. We as a ‘people’ not a single race, need to come together because we are being divided further and we cannot afford to stand alone.

If you can offer resources, links or info to help someone who may need it please post it in the comments. If you have no resources but need some assistance in this time, please share what help you may need and hopefully we can come together to point you in that direction.


Government worker who voted for Trump: I feel betrayed (Source:CNN)



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