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Young Akron Woman Who Beat Leukemia 2x Wants People To Take The Lockdown More Serious

Akron, OH – Reyanna Lashea Putnam, a 20 year old biology major student at Johnson C Smith University, warns people about listening to the governor and taking this lockdown more seriously.

Reyanna has also been very inquisitive and interested in the medical field, and after beating childhood Leukemia two times, she takes every opportunity available to talk to her doctors and get a better understanding of what is going on with her body. She was just recently in the emergency room because she was experiencing some stomach pains, (don’t worry, she’s okay) and she asked the doctor about the Coronavirus.

As mentioned above, Reyanna is a Leukemia survivor… so she isn’t considered to have a strong immune system. She would like to spread the word and tell people to take this lockdown more serious. Even if you think you’re strong and the virus won’t affect you, please think about your friends, family and other people in the community who may not be as fortunate.

I just really admire Reyanna and her strength! I personally watched her go through a battle most adults wouldn’t have made it through. She is my SHERO and she did it all with a smile on her face. Take a look at her video below. #WarriorsWithReyanna

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