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Young Boy Is Bullied By The Whole Class & Teacher Does NOTHING

Benton Harbor, MI – A mother is outraged (Carmesha Ellis on Face Book) after a video surfaces of her son being bullied by his entire class and the teacher just sat there and did NOTHING!… well I take that back, she actually did encourage the children to keep bully him and she told them to stop one time, but never actually intervened.

The video takes place at the International Academy of Hull and shows the entire class making fun of him, hitting him, kicking him, shoving him and more.

Since the video has gone viral, the teacher put her resignation letter in to the school (according to the superintendent) amd he is going to put additional training in place for the teachers to learn how to deal with these type of situations better.

Take a look at the video below… I am so sorry that baby had to go through that! #JusticeForDJ

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