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Young Girls Turn To Face Book For Help

New York, NY – June 19, 2019; Two young girls (Alexis & Allicen Williams) turned to social media to get a judge to listen to them about their current living situation. Just scrolling through their page, you can clearly see these girls are SCREAMING for help.

The girls are desperately trying to get back to their mother, who lives in Mobile, AL. Reading deeper into the story, it looks like it was a nasty and unfair custody battle. The girls have been accusing their father (who they are currently living with of physically abusing them.

Here is the letter that has been circulating around Face Book.

I seriously want to help these girls! I am writing this article in hopes of sharing this with somebody who can help. Here is the entire back story… Please ready & please share this article. There will be a number listed at the end of the article… please let’s all call and tell them what an outrage this is. It Takes A Village, and these kids need our help.

For those of you wanting to help please reach out to the Mobile, AL District Attorney’s office to express your outrage regarding what has and is taking place. Demand that the custodial interference charges be dropped against Dana Williams.

ashleyrich@mobileda.org deborahtillman@mobileda.org 

Please be sure to CC the Alabama Bar as well


Also share this and all the twins posts so Manhattan Family Court in NY is aware of the fact that we WILL NOT ALLOW THESE CHILDREN TO BE VICTIMIZED ANY LONGER. These girls have suffered enough and need to be returned to their mother.

Please tag all major media outlets and especially those in Alabama and New York. We have contacted several unfortunately the only time they truly take interest in reporting is after the children are already dead. Let’s not let these babies become another #AniyaDay #MaleahDavis or #AndrewFreund #Justice4TheTwins

Link to the twins June 9, 2019 update:

Link to the twins December 29, 2017 recording of their ACS removal in Georgia (if only they had listened then):

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