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Yung Miami & Megan Thee Stallion… BEEF???

Now you guys know we love, love love The City Girls and Megan Thee Stallion (even though she blocked me on Instagram… yea I’m still feeling some type of way)! Looks like there was some “BEEF” on social media surrounding Yung Miami and Meg yesterday.

Meg posted a video of her new chain she bought for herself, saying she paid about $500K for it, and that’s when it all started. (I am not able to post Meg’s video… because like I said, SHE BLOCKED ME, smh).

But this was the caption of her post…

The issue is… Meg’s chain looks very similar to the chain JT bought for Yung Miami, and it only costed about $90K.

After Yung Miami realized Meg’s chain looked a lot like hers, she posted a sub stat & we all pretty much know what she means!

I hope the ladies can get it together, but I know who I got my money on!

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