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Yup… She Has That KILLER Head Alright!

Just when I thought I saw it all, I ran across this video on Media Takeout, and this poor lady was trying to show off her head game during the #CucumberChallenge and she damn near choked to death!  And the crazy part (as if it could get any crazier) was that this all went down at the strip club!  Yea, you hard me right… at the damn strip club!  Check out the video where you will see it started off all good.  She had on her geriatric sneakers, arch in her back was on point… and she really did deep throat that cucumber, but either her throat contracted and it chopped that cucumber up or she bit it.  But either way, she started choking on a piece of it in her throat

Baby girl wasn’t playing no games!!!  Looks like after that man tried to perform the Heimlich on her with no success, she grabbed a knife and started to chop that cucumber while it was still in her throat.  “She’s a survivor, she not gone give up”  LOL ok, but thank God baby girl made it.  “Nigga she made it”… that would have been a messed up way to go out!

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