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Zhuri Nova James

Zhuri is NBA Basketball Star Lebron James daughter she is the youngest and the only girl. She is going to launch her own social media channel called “All Things Zhuri” it’s going to launch January 1st.

Zhuri Nova
Zhuri and her family

“She needs introduction to the world but I’m excited for you all to meet my Princess Zhuri Nova Through her eyes. All Things Zhuri coming soon !!!! Subscribe !!! #JamesGang” Lebron wrote on twitter ! click the link below to below to see the promotional video including Lebron James, Her Mother Savannah, & Two Brothers Bronny & Bryce. I feel like this is a great thing for Zhuri to get started at a early age and continue to grow over the years. 

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One thought on “Zhuri Nova James

  1. Pretty sad that the writer can’t even do their due diligence to at least spell the girl’s name correctly. It’s Nova- Zhuri Nova.

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